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The Questionable Lifestyle of Dave LaRock

Updated: Apr 25

Dave’s Business

According to Dave’s official online BIO from his website:

“Joanne and Dave have grown a successful small business as a general contractor, working hard to build about two to three homes a year. As the manager of the business, Dave has a proven track record as an innovator and problem-solver. The success of this business proves his abilities to negotiate complex contracts and interact with government agencies. Dave has hand-picked teams and tackled big projects while staying within set budgets.

The interesting thing is that based on a review of the building permit databases and aggregators, it appears LaRock Builders has not built any houses in many years. As a Delegate, he earns 17k/year plus per diem. So how does someone with no apparent full time employment, live in the wealthiest county in the country? Maybe he lives a very simple life? Virginia law (though disgustingly wrong) allows lawmakers to use campaign funds for personal use. So constituents could donate money to a lawmaker to fight for lower taxes, and it could be used to build a swimming pool. I wonder if the State and Federal govt consider that taxable income?

Dave’s Lifestyle

According to his website, Dave and his wife have “…seven children and 15 grandchildren. So that would take a pretty large house. Online research shows that Dave lives in an approx. 6500 sqft. house with an unfinished basement on 15 plus acres, valued at over 7 figures. Pretty impressive for someone not building houses anymore?

There is a magazine article where Dave and his wife were interviewed about their Estate House. The article states the estate home is an “expansive 10,0000 -square-foot residence with six bedrooms, seven baths and two half baths, courtesy of Dave's company, LaRock Builders.” There is a finished basement with a “fitness room equipped with its own sauna, a home theater and a snack bar.” From the photos and descriptions, it is quite an elaborate and expensive estate house with commercial grade appliances and custom, ornate finishes.

So it appears the interview with Dave LaRock disclosed that his Estate House is much larger than he disclosed to the real estate tax assessor. It seems to have a finished basement, which per the permit database indicates the permit expired – so it was never inspected? It also appears that Dave’s company provided the home as a “courtesy”. How does that work from a financial and tax perspective? Looks like Dave may owe some back real estate taxes? Will the DOJ, FBI, or Tax Office get to Dave first?

Check out the article below covering the "House of LaRock."

LaRock House Article
Download PDF • 8.63MB

Photo below from former website of LaRock Builders.

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